10 best mobile apps for professional photography

Photography has been revolutionized by smartphone cameras and mobile apps that allow anyone to take professional-looking photos. For professional photographers, mobile apps provide useful tools to enhance workflow and creativity. Here are 10 of the best mobile apps for pro photography:

  1. Adobe Lightroom CC – Arguably the best photo editing app for mobile, Adobe Lightroom CC allows photographers to edit raw images and sync edits across devices. Key features include preset filters, selective adjustments, lens corrections, noise reduction, and batch editing. Photographers can manage catalogs, view metadata, organize images, and share photos.
  2. VSCO – A popular creative editing app, VSCO offers sophisticated filters and editing tools reminiscent of old-school analog film. Photographers can apply presets inspired by classic films, make granular adjustments, and edit RAW files. VSCO has a minimalist interface and community component for sharing work. A subscription unlocks more advanced features.
  3. Snapseed – Owned by Google, Snapseed packs professional photo editing tools into a free user-friendly app. Key features include selective edits, brush adjustments, HDR filters, perspective correction, and lens blur. The app has a clean interface andsaves edits in layers for modifying images non-destructively.
  4. ProCamera – With manual camera controls and RAW shooting capabilities, ProCamera is ideal for photographers requiring DSLR-like settings. It offers quick access to exposure compensation, ISO, white balance, shutter speed and focus. Additional features include an intervalometer, light painting mode, and night camera mode.
  5. Camera+ 2 – With a focus on iPhone photography, Camera+ 2 has an intuitive touch interface and combines shooting with editing tools. Photographers can use scene modes, exposure assistant, digital zoom, time-lapse, and a stabilized slow shutter. The app also has editing features like filters, clarity adjustment, and a potent curves tool.
  6. Halide – Designed for deliberate, thoughtful photography, Halide gives photographers total control over focus, exposure, and RAW image capture. Useful tools include a histogram, adaptive level grid, focus peaking, and instant RAW processing. Two pro upgrades add features like depth capture and lens compatibility.
  7. Lightroom CC – Adobe’s photo organization and editing app syncs seamlessly with the desktop program. Key organizational features include cloud storage, sorting into collections, filtering by metadata, and tagging with keywords. Use selective edits, presets, and lens corrections to enhance photos.
  8. ProCam 8 – With a clutter-free UI, ProCam 8 offers sophisticated control over shooting settings. Change focus and exposure separately, take full advantage of iPhone cameras with multi-frame and HDR modes, capture in RAW and apply lossless compression. Editing tools complete the workflow.
  9. SKRWT – An excellent photo editor for adjusting perspective and lens distortion. SKRWT features guides, shape masks, automatic keystone correction, and the ability to make precise adjustments. Photographers can remove fisheye and wide angle lens distortion and fix skewed architecture photos.
  10. Priime – Using AI and neural networks, Priime can instantly retouch portraits with results that rival professional editing. The app can apply skin smoothing, blemish removal, artistic lighting effects, and depth-aware separation touches for professional shots on the go.

The best mobile apps place powerful photography and editing tools into photographer’s pockets. With a mix of control over camera settings, ability to capture RAW images, and advanced editing features, these apps let professionals take their best shots and complete post-processing wherever they are. Photographers can tap into mobile technology to improve workflow, experiment artistically, and get the most out of built-in smartphone cameras.

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