Best Photoshop Plugins in 2023

Best Photoshop Plugins in 2023

Adobe Photoshop is already packed with powerful features for photo editing and graphic design. But plugins extend its capabilities even further and help you work faster and more efficiently. Here are some of the top Photoshop plugins to try in 2023:

  1. Nik Collection by DxO

The Nik Collection by DxO is a suite of seven Photoshop plugins for applying filters and effects. It includes plugins for noise reduction, sharpening, tonal contrast, color correction, vintage film looks, selective focus, and more. The plugins produce high-quality results with intuitive controls. The Color Efex Pro plugin alone offers over 300 effects! With the Nik Collection, you can give your photos a polished, professional look.

  1. Imagenomic Portraiture

Portraiture is a Photoshop plugin dedicated to portrait retouching. It helps smooth skin, remove blemishes, enhance eyes and teeth, and add makeup. Portraiture stands out for its intelligent algorithms that retain natural skin textures. You can adjust the enhancement strength and mask out portions of the image to prevent overprocessing. For simple, good-looking retouching, Portraiture is hard to beat.

  1. Topaz Labs Plugins

Topaz Labs offers a suite of plugins focused on sharpening, noise reduction, and image enhancement. Some standouts are Topaz Sharpen AI for intelligent sharpening and Topaz Denoise AI for exceptional noise reduction. Topaz Gigapixel AI can enlarge photos up to 600% while preserving clean details. And Topaz Studio 2 applies over 200 photo effects with layers and masking. Topaz plugins utilize artificial intelligence to power many of their features.

  1. ON1 Effects 2022

ON1 Effects gives you an extensive library of filters and presets for adding stylistic effects to your photos. It has filters for converting photos to black and white, adding grain and film looks, enhancing coloring, imitating vintage processes like cyanotypes, and much more. With over 200 filters, thousands of presets, and support for layers, Effects 2022 is a creative powerhouse. And it fully integrates within Photoshop as a plugin.

  1. Alien Skin Exposure

Exposure from Alien Skin specializes in analog film simulations. With Exposure, you can make digital photos look like they were shot on 35mm or medium format films from brands like Kodak and Fuji. It includes preset film looks and lets you customize options like grain, tones, vignetting, borders and more. For affordable film emulation that beats Photoshop’s built-in tools, Exposure is a great option.

With the help of plugins, you can take your Photoshop editing to new creative heights. Try out some of these powerful addons to enhance your images and boost your productivity!


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