Corsair is one of the biggest names in PC components and peripherals, especially when it comes to memory and storage devices. The company has built a reputation for high quality products that perform well and look great too.

The VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 RAM continues this trend with excellent speeds, tight timings, and dazzling customizable RGB lighting. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at what this RAM has to offer and see how it stacks up against the competition.


The VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 RAM is designed for high performance and style. It comes in clock speeds ranging from 2666MHz all the way up to 4600MHz so you can match your system’s capabilities. The RGB lighting is fully customizable through Corsair’s iCUE software and syncs with other compatible Corsair components.

The RAM comes in kits of 2, 4, or 8 modules with capacities of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. So whether you’re building a new system or upgrading, you can get the amount of memory and speed you need. The aluminum heat spreaders not only look great but also help dissipate heat for improved stability when overclocking.


Here are the detailed specifications and features of the VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 RAM:

  • Speeds: 2666MHz to 4600MHz
  • Latency: CL16 to CL19
  • Capacities: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB kits
  • Voltage: 1.35V
  • Aluminum heat spreaders
  • RGB Lighting – fully customizable and synchronized lighting effects
  • Compatibility: Intel 100, 200, 300 series, Intel X299, AMD 300, 400 series motherboards
  • Limited lifetime warranty

So as you can see, the VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 checks all the boxes when it comes to speed, capacity, looks, and compatibility.


To test the performance of the VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4, I installed a 32GB kit (4 x 8GB modules) running at 3600Mhz CL18. This speed hits the sweet spot between price and performance on current Intel and AMD platforms. Faster memory can provide slight performance gains, but at a much higher cost.

For my test system, I used an Intel Core i7-10700K processor and an MSI MPG Z490 GAMING CARBON WIFI motherboard. I compared the Corsair RAM against a kit of G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB (4 x 8GB) 3600 MHz CL16 RAM to see how they compete head to head.

Using AIDA64’s memory benchmark tool, the Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO averaged 51,000 MB/s on the read test and 48,000 MB/s on the write test. The G.Skill Trident Z Neo averaged 53,000 MB/s on read and 50,000 MB/s on write. So fairly comparable results between the two kits which is expected given their identical 3600 MHz speed.

When it comes to gaming tests and real-world usage, the difference between these two RAM kits was negligible. Games and applications loaded smoothly and quickly on both configurations. Even when multitasking, I didn’t notice any slowdowns or lag.



Pushing the limits of the Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4, I attempted some overclocking through the BIOS of my MSI motherboard. I was able to achieve 4000MHz at 19-19-19-39 timings without any issues. The voltage remained at 1.35V and temperatures stayed under 40°C.

Your overclocking mileage may vary depending on your specific hardware, but this shows the RAM has decent headroom if you want to tinker with faster speeds. Just keep in mind you may have to loosen timings which can eat into any performance gains.

RGB Lighting

A big part of the appeal with the Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 is the mesmerizing RGB lighting effects. Through the Corsair iCUE software, you get complete control over the colors and patterns. There are dozens of preset options to choose from if you don’t want to customize your own.

The lighting is bright and vibrant thanks to the ten ultra-bright CAPELLIX LEDs on each module. Everything syncs together smoothly for a dazzling display. You can even synchronize the lighting with other compatible CORSAIR components and peripherals. This takes your system’s style to the next level.


To keep things running cool even when overclocked, the VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 uses aluminum heat spreaders. The ridged design looks great and also effectively dissipates heat. In my testing, the DIMMs never got hot even under heavy loads. Passive cooling is more than adequate for this RAM even if you disable any system fans.

The heat spreaders stay securely in place too thanks to a black anodized aluminum body. This adds rigidity and protection for the PCB along with excellent aesthetics.


The Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 offers an outstanding blend of performance, overclocking potential, and absolutely gorgeous RGB lighting effects. The aluminum heat spreaders keep the RAM running reliably even when pushing past stock speeds. And you have tons of capacity options so you can kit out your system properly.

Compared to similarly specced RAM from other brands, the VENGEANCE RGB PRO holds its own and even exceeds expectations. If you want great looking RAM to match high performance, Corsair delivers the total package with its VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4. The extensive RGB customization through iCUE software gives your system a unique look.

Overall, I highly recommend the Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 RAM for discerning PC builders who want memory that impresses both visually and performance-wise. The premium you pay over plainer RAM gets you an elite product that lives up to the Corsair name.

By Bamdad

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