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Sony PlayStation 5 Pro – What We Can Expect From the Next-Gen Console Upgrade

The PlayStation 5 launched in November 2020 to great fanfare, delivering cutting-edge performance and stunning graphics for next-generation gaming. But like previous PlayStation consoles, an upgraded “Pro” model is likely on the horizon. Here’s a look at what we can expect from a hypothetical PS5 Pro based on Sony’s history and the latest tech rumors.

More Power for Higher Resolution and Frame Rates

The main improvement with a PS5 Pro would be even greater processing power. The baseline PS5 already outputs games at up to 4K resolution and 120 fps performance on compatible displays. A PS5 Pro would push visuals and frame rates even further for 8K gaming and higher fps for super smooth animation.

To achieve this, a PS5 Pro would need an improved CPU/GPU combo compared to the custom AMD Zen 2 and RDNA 2 silicon in the original. Expect a new state-of-the-art AMD processor if the PS5 Pro arrives in 2023 or later.

Hardware Ray Tracing and AI Enhancements

The PS5 introduced hardware accelerated ray tracing for stunning lighting effects and also includes an AI processing unit for advanced machine learning capabilities. A PS5 Pro would enhance both of these features even further.

More powerful ray tracing hardware enables more ray traced effects simultaneously for hyper-realistic visuals. An improved AI unit could enable advanced NPC AI in games, more lifelike characters, and next-level immersion.

High Speed SSD and More Memory

The PS5 set a new standard with its ultra-fast custom SSD, enabling games with no load times. A PS5 Pro would kick this up a notch with an even faster SSD and likely more storage space, perhaps 2TB compared to the original’s 825GB.

It would also probably include more RAM, with 16GB or even 32GB to allow for bigger open world games and more detailed assets. The additional memory would complement the faster SSD for a smooth gaming experience.

Full Backwards Compatibility

Sony made backwards compatibility a priority with the PS5, so a PS5 Pro would almost certainly play all PS4 and PS5 games out of the box. This gives players a huge game library on day one and incentivizes upgrades for those already on PS5.

Sony would ensure the PS5 Pro plays well with all existing games. Having full backwards compatibility also means cross-gen multiplayer, so PS5 and PS5 Pro gamers could play the latest titles together.

Enhanced PlayStation VR 2 Experience

The PS5 already supports the original PSVR headset via an adapter. But Sony is working on a next-gen PSVR 2 designed specifically for PS5. A PS5 Pro would provide the best experience for PSVR 2 gaming, with higher display resolution, smoother refresh rates, and reduced latency.

VR requires significant GPU power, so a PS5 Pro is ideal. PSVR 2 could be a huge leap in virtual reality immersion on consoles, and the PS5 Pro would help realize its full potential.

When Can We Expect a PS5 Pro Release?

Based on past timelines, a PS5 Pro is likely at least a couple years away. The PS4 Pro arrived three years after the PS4, in 2016. Following a similar schedule, we may see a PS5 Pro in 2023.

But Sony could change things up and accelerate the Pro model’s release. If Microsoft announces an upgraded Xbox Series X soon, Sony may counter with a PS5 Pro before 2023.

The PS5 is still severely supply constrained, so Sony will let the installed base grow considerably before dropping a Pro model. But once supply issues ease in 2022, PS5 Pro rumors should kick into high gear.

The PS5 has raised the bar for console gaming. An eventual PS5 Pro model will continue Sony’s tradition of delivering state-of-the-art hardware upgrades for even more engrossing next-gen experiences. It will be an exciting evolution to watch unfold.

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