lego harry potter hogwarts chamber of secrets 76389 Review

lego harry potter hogwarts chamber of secrets 76389 Review

The Chamber of Secrets is one of the most iconic locations from the Harry Potter books and movies, so LEGO did well to make it into a proper set. At just under 1,000 pieces, it’s a substantial model that captures the creepy atmosphere of the underground chamber.

The set comes with minifigures of Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Tom Riddle and the Basilisk. Harry looks great with his updated Hogwarts uniform, while Ginny is perfect as the possessed first-year. Tom Riddle is an important addition as the villain behind the Chamber of Secrets. And the Basilisk itself looks fantastic as a long, green serpent with bright yellow eyes.

The Chamber itself is made up of several sections including the main chamber area, snake pillars, Salazar Slytherin’s giant statue head, and even a section of piping where the Basilisk emerges. Small details really make it look accurate to the movies, like the snake motifs, skeletons and bones scattered around, and Dumbledore’s phoenix Fawkes who arrives to help Harry.

The set offers plenty of playability. You can simulate the major scenes like Harry battling the Basilisk, destroy the Chamber walls, and recreate dialogue between the minifigures. It displays beautifully as well, so makes a great centerpiece model for any Harry Potter LEGO collection.

Overall, this is one of the best Harry Potter sets from LEGO. The Chamber of Secrets is such an integral location that fans will definitely want to build this highly detailed and movie-accurate model. It’s fun to build and looks amazing on display.


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