LEGO NINJAGO Legacy Destiny's Bounty REVIEW

LEGO NINJAGO Legacy Destiny’s Bounty REVIEW

Here is a review of the LEGO NINJAGO Legacy Destiny’s Bounty set:

The Destiny’s Bounty is one of the most iconic vehicles in the NINJAGO theme, serving as the ninja team’s headquarters and main mode of transportation. The Legacy version of the ship is a re-release of the original Destiny’s Bounty from 2012, now with updated minifigures and building techniques.

At over 3,000 pieces, this giant ninja ship is packed with play features and details. The four-level deck accommodates all six ninja minifigures, plus their weapons and elemental blade accessories. There are compartments to store these weapons, a blacksmith workshop, dining area, control room, and prison cell for capturing enemies. Several sails, flags, and ornate Asian-inspired decorations adorn the exterior.

LEGO NINJAGO Legacy Destiny's Bounty REVIEW

The build itself was enjoyable and not overly complex. The instructions guide you through assembling the intricate shape of the ship from bottom to top. Sturdy technic pins underneath provide stability for the vessel. Interior spaces are accessible by removing parts of the deck, allowing for interactive play.

The minifigure lineup includes Kai, Zane, Cole, Jay, Lloyd, and Nya in their Legacy outfits. These are updated ninja suits with more printing for details. The figures look fantastic and capture the personalities of each elemental master. The Legacy Destiny’s Bounty set retails for $299.99 USD, which feels appropriate for the piece count, minifigures, and playability.

Overall, this re-release of a classic NINJAGO vehicle does not disappoint. The Destiny’s Bounty looks superb on display and offers endless adventures for kids. Building the set is rewarding and it integrates well with other sets in the NINJAGO theme. For LEGO and Ninjago fans alike, the Legacy Destiny’s Bounty is a must-have set.


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