Thor’s Mythical Longship Brought to Life in Lego

The God of Thunder Sets Sail in Viking Style

Lego has brought Thor’s grand Viking longship from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life in brick form with the Lego Viking Boat Thor set. This highly detailed model immerses builders and fans in Norse mythology and Thor’s adventurous seas journeys.

The Ship That Launched a Thousand Bricks

The Lego Viking Boat Thor set consists of 175 Lego pieces and when completed measures over 19 inches long. The set captures all the details of Thor’s mythical longship from the movies in miniature form. The boat features a pointed bow and stern with intricate dragon-headed prows. A single mast rises from the deck with a square sail emblazoned with a printed Norse serpent icon.

The entire brick-built ship sits atop a display stand shaped like ocean waves. The stand allows the completed longship model to be prominently displayed as though sailing the high seas. Lego designers expertly used an array of brown and reddish-brown pieces to mimic the wood of an ancient Viking vessel.

Minifigures Bring the Myth to Life

The set comes with three highly detailed minifigures – Thor, Loki, and a Chitauri alien warrior. Thor sports his classic winged helmet and red cape along with a mean-looking beard. His mighty hammer Mjolnir is included for bashing enemies. Loki has his glowing scepter and that mischievous grin Lego captured perfectly in minifigure form.

The Alien Chitauri invader features printing on both sides of its head for dual face options – angry or really angry. Lego thoughtfully populated the ship’s deck with an assortment of swords, shields, tools and other accessories to supplement the minifigures and create a fully outfitted Viking longship.

Build Like a Viking, Display Like a God

The Lego Viking Boat Thor would make a worthy addition to any Lego brick collection. For Marvel fans, it represents an authentic piece of MCU history. For mythology buffs, it brings legends of Norse gods and Vikings to life. The building experience gives a taste of medieval ship design and construction techniques.

Once completed, the Lego Viking longship makes an imposing display model. Light bricks on the bottom of the stand give the appearance of flickering torches when switched on, adding to the ambiance. Whether on a shelf, bookcase, or desk, the ship commands attention. Its sturdy design even allows for playability in water buckets or baths.

Travel the Nine Realms in Lego Form

Lego has managed to condense one of Marvel’s grand props into a remarkably detailed model ship. The Lego Viking Boat Thor could ignite hours of imaginative play as fans envision the mighty Thor voyaging across the Nine Realms in search of adventure. It offers a fun building experience paired with an impressive display piece that captures the boundless mysticism and high seas action of Thor’s cinematic world

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